Title III Accountability

Title III Part A, sec. 3122 (b) stipulates the following sanctions when districts or consortia do not meet the Annual Measurement Achievement Objectives (AMAOs):


If the State Educational Agency (SEA) determines, based on AMAOs

  • that an eligible entity has failed to make progress toward meeting such objectives for two consecutive years, the agency shall require the entity to develop an improvement plan that will ensure the entity meets such objectives.
  • The improvement plan shall specifically address the factors that prevented the entity from achieving such objectives.


During the development of the improvement plan and throughout its implementation, the SEA shall—

  1. Provide technical assistance to the eligible entity
  2. Provide technical assistance, if applicable, to schools served by such entity under subpart 1 that need assistance to enable the schools to meet the AMAOs.
  3. Develop, in consultation with the eligible entity, professional development strategies and activities, based on scientifically based research, that the agency will use to meet such objectives
  4. Require each entity to utilize such strategies and activities.
  5. Develop, in consultation with the entity, a plan to incorporate strategies and methodologies, based on scientifically based research to improve the specific program or method of instruction provided to LEP/ELLs.


If the SEA determines that an eligible entity has failed to meet AMAOs described in subsection (a) for 4 consecutive years, the agency shall—

  1. Require such entity to modify the curriculum, program, and method of instruction, or
  2. (i) Make a determination whether the entity shall continue to receive funds related to the entity’s failure to meet such objectives; and

  3. (ii) Require such entity to replace educational personnel relevant to the entity’s failure to meet such objectives.

Additionally, section 3116 requires districts to consult with parents in the development of their local plans, which describe the programs and activities that the district plans to implement with Title III funds. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this process, the local contact person according to our records is

For questions about this information, contact oeamail@dpi.wi.gov