Practice Tests, Released Items, and Sample Items for Mathematics

Released items in mathematics provide educators, students, and the public examples of how students are assessed in these subjects on the WKCE-CRT. Released items come from the test administered in fall 2005 and will not be used again on future tests. These items may be used as practice tests or for teacher professional development, for example.

The items were developed by our vendor, CTB/McGraw-Hill, and reviewed extensively by DPI staff and Wisconsin educators to ensure their quality and relevance. The WKCE-CRT includes a mix of multiple choice and short answer items. The short answer item answer keys include sample student responses and scoring guides.

Grade Item Books Answer Key
3 Mathematics Guide
4 Mathematics Guide
5 Mathematics Guide
6 Mathematics Guide
7 Mathematics Guide
8 Mathematics Guide
10 Mathematics Guide
All Mathematics, Reading and Guide(10MB)

Special instructions for printing Mathematics Item Release Booklets and Punch-out Tools

  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Go to File -> Print.
  3. On the "Print" screen, find the "Page Scaling" option in the "Page Handling" section.
  4. Select "None" in the dropdown menu box on page scaling.
  5. Click "OK."

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