Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations: Test Results

Tips for Using Downloadable Excel Files

Downloadable files contain test results for every district and school in Wisconsin. These files are formatted so that you can choose to view or print any CESA, grade, district or school you choose by clicking on the down arrows in the corresponding column heading. See sample below.

By selecting "File" then "Print" in Excel, the test results for the CESA, grade, district, or school you selected will print across a single page in landscape orientation.

Hidden rows and columns have been added to some files for users who are interested in district numbers, school numbers, and data-base software friendly field names. To unhide these rows and columns, click on the square at the intersection of the column letters and row numbers (upper left hand corner of worksheet) to highlight the entire worksheet, then select "Format" then "Column" then "Unhide."

You may also wish to set up your browser so that these Excel files are automatically opened when you click on the link, like html files are opened. Check the your browser's Help file for more information. In Netscape 4.5, click on Edit, then Preferences then Applications. Click on New Type. Follow these steps: (1) type a "Description of type" of file, i.e. "Excel", (2) type the "File extension" used by the files, i.e. "xls," (3) type the "MIME type," i.e. "application/x-excel," (4) for "Application to use:", click Browse and select the path to the file that executes Excel on your computer, and (5) click on OK. Under "Handled By" choose the "Application" option and uncheck the box next to "Ask me before opening downloaded files of this type."

We are experimenting with various ways of providing data to CESAs, districts, schools, and the public. How does the usefulness of this file format and layout compare to other files available at the OEA Website? We are interested in your comments. If you have suggestions, please email us.

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