Private School Testing

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The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concept Examination

The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concept Examination (WKCE) is a customized instrument designed for use in public schools to measure student performance, based on the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, and to comply with federal ESEA assessment requirements. DPI has requested that CTB/McGraw-Hill, the WKCE test vendor, extend to private schools in Wisconsin the opportunity to order the WKCE for testing at Grades 4, 8 and 10. The Fall 2014 WKCE includes the following grades and content areas:

  • Grades 4, 8 and 10 for Science and Social Studies.

If you wish to participate, simply contact CTB/McGraw-Hill at 800-282-2203 or complete the order form and Confidentiality Agreement.

Your WKCE test order will include:

  • Test books
  • Test coordinator kits
  • Test Books
  • Test Coordinator Kits
  • Shipping and handling of test materials to the schools’ site
  • Pick-up service for the test materials
  • Scoring of the tests
  • Delivery of the scoring reports (including shipping and handling) as listed below.

WKCE timeline for Private School testing:



May 16 – September 12, 2014

Place your test book order

September 19, 2014

Deadline to order Test Materials
Last Day to fax or email your order with signed Confidentiality Agreements

October 13-15, 2014

Your Test Materials in-site

October 27, 2014

Test Window Starts

November 5, 2014

Last Day to add on materials to your previous order - Call the Wisconsin Customer Service Team at 1-800-282-2203

November 7, 2014

Test Window Ends

November 7-12, 2014

Ensure all WKCE Braille and LP tests are transcribed into the scannable WKCE test books to be sent in for scoring.

November 13, 2014

Last Day to Request Material Retrieval – Must use CTB/McGraw-Hill’s online retrieval process

February 11, 2015

Individual Profile Reports delivered

February 25, 2015

School Reporting  CDs delivered

Please order only the test books that you need. No Refunds will be given for unused test books.

WKCE Delivery: Test materials will be delivered bundled in packages of 5 or 25. Schools will not be charged for packaging overages received. Schools will be charged for the actual number of books ordered or scored, whichever is greater. All test materials, used or unused, must be returned to CTB using the online retrieval process.

WKCE Material Retrieval: Once your school has completed the testing, you can access CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Online Transportation website to request the retrieval of the material to be shipped back to CTB for processing and scoring. The web address for requesting the retrieval of materials will be provided to you with the test administration kit, which will be mailed with the testing materials. We recommend saving the boxes used to ship the test materials to your school, so that you can use them for the return of the materials as well.

WKCE Reporting will include an Individual Profile Report which will be delivered on paper format.  The school reporting data file (GRF) will be delivered on CDs separately.

We look forward to providing you with the WKCE for the Fall 2014 Administration. The per-student price is $42.48. Please feel free to contact the Wisconsin Program Customer Service Team at 800-282-2203 if you require assistance. For questions about this information, contact CTB/McGraw-Hill at 800-282-2203.

ACT Aspire

Private schools in Wisconsin that wish to utilize the ACT Aspire assessments for their students will need to contact ACT Aspire directly to arrange for administration. More information, including ordering information*, can be found at or by contacting:

Jim Morris
ACT Aspire, LLC.

Badger Exam 3-8

Private schools in Wisconsin that wish to utilize the Badger Exam for their students had the opportunity to order the exam until March 5, 2015.

The order deadline has passed.  Questions may be directed to the ETS helpdesk. or 844-711-6493.





For questions about this information, contact