Accountability for English Language Learners (ELLs)

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What Are Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)?

Title III of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (NCLB) requires states to:

  • establish English language proficiency (ELP) standards aligned to state academic content standards, yet suitable for ELL students learning English as a second language;
  • annually assess the English language proficiency of each ELL student using a valid and reliable assessment of English-language proficiency aligned to ELP standards;
  • define AMAOs to measure and report on progress toward and attainment of English proficiency and academic achievement standards; and
  • hold local education agencies accountable for meeting increasing AMAO targets for English language proficiency over time (NCLB 2002, Public Law 107-110, 115 Statute 1425).

Three specific AMAOs have been established under the law:

AMAO 1: Progressing in English language acquisition
annual increases in the number or percentage of students making progress in learning English
AMAO 2: Exiting or reaching English language proficiency
annual increases in the number or percentage of students attaining English language proficiency by the end of each school year

ELL Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)

adequate progress for the ELL subgroup in meeting grade-level academic achievement standards in reading and mathematics, test participation, and graduation.

2013-14 Resources

2012-13 Resources

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2012-13 Quick Guide to the District AMAO Report

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2011-12 AMAO Results Download File
2011-12 Quick Guide to the District AMAO Report

Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)for English Language Learners (ELLs)

The following AMAOs set challenging yet reasonable goals for educating ELLs.


Making progress in learning English

based on ACCESS for ELLs® composite scores
School Year Target Progress Rate
(Percent At or Above 0.4 Gain Criterion)
2010-11 35%
2011-12 37%
2012-13 39%
2013-14 41%
2014-15 43%
2015-16 45%
2016-17 47%
2017-18 49%
2018-19 51%
2019-20 53%
2020-21 55%


Attaining English language proficiency

based on number of ACCESS for ELLs® composite scores of 5.0 or above divided by all ELLs enrolled in the district
School Year Proficiency Rate Required
2009-10 5.0%
2010-11 6.5%
2011-12 8.0%
2012-13 9.5%
2013-14 11.0%
2014-15 12.5%
2015-16 14.0%
2016-17 15.5%
2017-18 17.0%
2018-19 18.5%
2019-20 20.0%


Achieving Academically

AMAO 3 is made up of three components:

1.       ELL proficiency in reading and mathematics as measured by the state content tests;

2.       ELL test participation in reading and mathematics on the state content tests; and

3.       ELL high school graduation.

AMAO 3 is calculated at each grade range (elementary, middle, and high school) for both the proficiency and test participation components. Graduation is calculated for high school only. If targets are met in each of the grade ranges for proficiency and participation and the graduation target is also met then AMAO 3 is met.

The participation target is 95%. See Annual Measurable Objectives for Reading and Mathematics (AMO) for targets in reading, mathematics, and graduation.


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